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Fin VIP escorts at the Luxury Brand show

At the VIP Brand Show, you and your glamour models can explore all the latest and greatest in luxury. 

Looking to kick your lifestyle up a notch? Then you want to be at the luxury Brand Show.  Held in London May 27-29, this amazing event is a brand new kind of VIP occasion. Attracting both businessmen and glamour models, c-suite executives and call girls in London, this is the newest and most modern show of its kind. There are no tickets, no entry fee and no rules, so you can expect to see anything, but whatever you do, expect to be amazed. You’ll be treated to more than 100 different VIP lifestyle brands and be able to try out the newest and latest products and services, before anyone else. There’s a little bit of everything, from clothes to cars, to art to electrons, to décor to dining. If you’re looking to upgrade every aspect of your life, you’ll be able to happily do it at the VIP Brand Show. The main show attractions you won’t want to miss include the supercar showcase, VIP home showcase, limited edition gallery, retail village, golf and sports zone, wellbeing boutique and the lifestyle charity auction, where all the proceeds go to Grief Encounter, a charity benefitting children going through the loss of a loved one.


The call girls in London all know this is the place to be to find big spenders and big personalities.

If you want to take your participation in this event to the VIP rung, you’ll want to enjoy their Exclusively Privilege Club, which makes sure you’re up to date on all of the latest VIP lifestyle options. A membership will introduce you to opportunities you may not have otherwise, as it keeps you in the know. It’s perfect for businessmen, entrepreneurs and lifestyle connoisseurs. Members will receive one-of-a-kind offers specially picked for them in their email, out of possible offers from more than 600 companies, all offering VIP  products, goods and services. The Exclusively Privilege Club is complimentary and will give you the best opportunities, deals and member rates.

What can you expect at the supercar showcase? For one, the Atom Cup 20-minute sprint race format is combined with three long-distance races, for a type of competition unseen. Bespoke auto styling will be available, to help you with all of your luxury vehicle customisation needs, from aerodynamics to entertainment to technology to bodywork. There will also be a few luxury car services on site to assist with all of your car service needs, such as airport transfer or daily chauffeur service for your local escorts girls.

You’ll find plenty to keep you busy in the shopping and fashion realm. You’ll find skincare and beauty products for both men and beautiful females, designer leather goods, handbags, bespoke timepieces and jewelry, luxury florists, artwork, stationary, duty free shopping, sculptures, bespoke men’s fashion and more.

The shopping isn’t the only amazing part of the show, though. No, the best are the experiences you simply won’t find anywhere else. Try out a luxury automobile or airplane. Your companion can try out some new spa treatments. Jump on the latest luxury bikes for a test drive. You can practically try anything before you buy, making the shopping experience that much sweeter.